Friday, November 1, 2019

Richard Nixon-successes and failures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Richard Nixon-successes and failures - Essay Example Although started by the Kennedy-Johnson Administration, it was President Nixon who oversaw the peak of the war in Vietnam. This war would lead to loss of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese lives and 50,000 American lives. Waged on grounds of ideological defense against Soviet Communism, the Vietnam War proved to be a public relations disaster for the American government and depleted its treasury. Eventually, the war was called-off by President Nixon due to mounting public pressure and escalating domestic issues. But the most embarrassing episode in the career of President Nixon was his involvement in the Watergate affair, where he used unethical and illegitimate means to cover-up his wrongdoings. He also used threats and coercive tactics to undermine the Democratic Party who were at the case. When major newspapers in the country broke the news of the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon had little choice but to resign from office and face trial. He spent the rest of his life in politica l wilderness, only rarely making public appearances, as he was burdened with shame and guilt. In sum, the career and Presidency of Richard Nixon is a mix of limited successes and glaring failures. Reference: John Hollitz, Thinking Through the Past: A Critical Thinking Approach to U.S. History, ISBN 066933488X (0-669-33488-X), published by D C Heath & Co.

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